Status of Cydia download for iOS 10 – iOS 10.3

It’s been great to work with tremendous jailbreak tools which set free the entire iOS 10.2 to iOS 10 session. But still, there is something doubt regarding the two versions they left for the reason that security patches. This means, there is no way to get in for any higher version with the present yalu102. But we hope that we should remain few more days as it would be there shortly breaking the silent. However, while things getting better of Yalu releases, Cydia download too become firmed that you can reach tweaks and features absolutely.


Most recent Cydia tweaks announcements

Here we have collected few tweaks from recently updated ones that you will surely get excited. You might never guess to reach such features but all are here. It’s pretty cool though we have to work with a beta conception till the major one will come into the open.

  • View Battery Blod
  • App Center
  • Falcon
  • Unpaged Control Center
  • Kaze
  • 9Folderz
  • Phone Tools
  • NotufyMusic
  • NougatFolder
  • ReformX
  • YouTube Tools
  • Spin10
  • NougatFolder
  • Touch Unlock
  • CC Wall Customizer
  • PerfectFit
  • Dice
  • Onion
  • EnableCCMute
  • Swipe ToClear Noyofication10
  • Sensible
  • Facebook Legacy UI
  • Lock screen custom Text iOS10
  • Nest10


When will be the major launch of Yalu 10.2?

This is the top most jailbreak tool that the developer Luca Todesco announced a few weeks back. Those who were successfully applied the tool knows how it moves and how to handle certain things such as semi-untethered manner. Though this seems to be a troublesome feature of the tool, there is no any other technique at the moment to make it steady. As frequently jailbreakers keep the whole important things secret till the end. Thus, we have not yet confirmed particulars around the upcoming tool at least to make known the release date.

Even Todesco still did not expose the plan he moves with, for the jailbreak iPhone 7 arrangement. Still, those users who captured yalu1011 have to hang about without any upgrade. As there is no path to upgrade certainly with iOS 10.2, there must be something new for those versions that still did not sealed.

What are the features of the upcoming tool?

This is for both followers who are anxiously remaining for brand new implement and an extension of the present Cydia approach. Since Luca said that he will quit working for future launches, the only implement that we can expect from him is the advanced one for iOS 10.2. But it will not be able to move through higher ranges.


The tool will not change its status from semi untethered to untethered. And there will be separated tools for 32bit and 64bit devices. But keep in mind that both will not include to a single utility as leading jailbreakers such as Pangu, Taig, Yalu, and PP jailbreak will not concern minor cracks. So keep in mind that the developer who called jk9357 might work for those as he was the owner of 9.3.4 and older versions with 32bit ranges.

By the way, hope you get sufficient particulars around current download Cydia availability. Comply with the upcoming jailbreak launch from two developers to update the present yalu102 and as a brand new for the rest 10.2.1 and 10.3 Cydia install.